2014 Planning

Hey FFTers, still got skis under your feet rather than a saddle between your legs? Never fear! Our Executive Board of Directors (the board) has your summer time interests in mind even though the trails are still under a couple feet of pow pow. Here are some of the things we are lining up get rolling (rolling, get it?!) this late winter and into spring:

February: Work on signs for the new Spencer Mountain project, associated fundraising for said project, and thinking about our kids clinic this summer.

March: Start planning our annual trail days and organize the volunteers needed to help make those happen! Begin planning our summer time women’s clinic(s). Who doesn’t appreciate some ladies on the trail??

April: Begin work on the ALL NEW Spencer Mountain Freeride MTB area! Spring time maintenance on the Armory dirt jumps before the grass clings on for dear life. AND start planning our 2nd annual FFT Dirt Jump Jam to be held this summer!

May: LEGO (Low-Ego) rides begin. Membership drive — May 22 Pints with Purpose at Great Northern Brewing Company.

Well, that’s the board has for now, stay tuned for more updates on what promises to be the best year of mountain biking since last summer! Feel free to chime in with things you’d like to see us working on this year!

Spencer Update

The Whitefish City Council approved the Special Use License for the Spencer Mountain Trails on Monday. Yipee! The DNRC still has to sign the final paperwork, but we’re getting rearing to go and will start a fundraising campaign here shortly to raise funs to sign, reconstruct and maintain the freeride trails. Huge thanks goes out to the Whitefish Legacy Partners, Karl and the Park Dept, City Council and of course the DNRC for getting this project rolling!! If you want to be involved in the Spencer reconstruction crew, email spencer@flatheadfattires.com.